Three Dreamers Explain the Stakes of Losing DACA

DACA, the Obama-era grant of protection for undocumented youth, has been dominating the headlines ever since President Trump declared, in less than 140 characters, that his administration would end the program.

Since launching in 2012, DACA has let young immigrants, often referred to as dreamers, attend school, find jobs, and make big life decisions like buying their first home or starting a business.

“DACA has allowed so many girls and young women to feel safe, be emotionally and economically secure and to help support their families. For many of them, DACA has meant they’ve been able to pursue their educational dreams,” says Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. “This is not just an immigrant rights issue: this is a women’s rights issue, it’s a racial justice issue, and it’s a defining moment for our country.”

Nearly 800,000 people qualify for DACA, and each of them has their own unique story. To try to understand what’s at stake, Glamour talked to three young women who are getting and education thanks to their smarts, determination—and DACA.

“DACA recipients have put everything on the line to be recognized by the country they call home,” Hincapie says, “And have created wider avenues to fight for justice and dignity for all of us, regardless of where we were born, the color of our skin, who we love, or how we pray.”

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