It’s already amassed some 1.5 million views on YouTube in less than a week; thanks to one catchy tune, a message of empowerment, and its confident 11-year-old star.

Sarai Gonzalez, of central New Jersey was selected among hundreds of young girls who auditioned at a casting call this summer for Grammy-nominated Colombian band Bomba Estereo’s new “Soy Yo,” [It’s me], music video, earlier this summer.

It’s Gonzalez’s professional acting debut and her smile, dance moves, and sheer enthusiasm have captivated audiences, both young and old, online with the trending hashtag “#SoyYo.”

In the music video the young girl is seen confidently exiting a beauty salon, sporting glasses and 90s-style hair, and then dancing down the streets of Brooklyn; standing up to bullies on the basketball court.

For many on social media, the song and Gonzalez’s breakthrough performance is an anthem for Latinas who are coming of age.

Billboard describes the music video’s appeal as being a product of a “very confident little girl who is proud of who she is and what makes her unique, despite what other kids or people in her neighborhood might think.”

Gonzalez is thrilled with the reception the music video has been garnering online on social media. She believes one of the main reasons the now viral clip is resonating with audiences is because of the authenticity she brings to the role; she was previously bullied at school.

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