Mental Health, School-Based Health Centers, and Girls of Color: Policy and Practice Recommendations

This compendium of policy and practice recommendations aggregates a set of proposals to enhance mental health outcomes and thriving for girls of color. To understand the background and context for these recommendations, please review the Georgetown Law Center’s Initiative on Gender Justice & Opportunity issue briefs on Mental Health and Communities of Color, Mental Health and Girls of Color, and The Promise and Challenge of School-Based Mental Health Care for Girls of Color.

Position Girls of Color as Psychological Subjects. Girls of color face high rates of suicide and endure significant adverse childhood experiences, yet their pain goes unrecognized or is mislabeled, and their needs remain unmet. It is imperative that adults in intervening public systems and those in the health and mental health profession begin to recognize girls of color as psychological subjects with important perspectives on the care they are receiving or have failed to receive. Programs should reflect information on student preferences and regularly collect and apply student feedback.

Read the full report at Georgetown Law Center of Poverty & Inequality’s Initiative of Gender Justice & Opportunity.