G4GC Presents: 2020 (Re)Imagining Futures for Girls of Color

Join us for Grantmakers for Girls of Color’s fourth convening, “2020: (Re)imagining Futures for Girls of Color.” This year funders across the country will (re)imagine and begin practicing what the world can look like when girls have power and space to name what their existence looks like when they are safe, healthy and thriving.

We must strive to understand all of the connections and support spaces where there is room to learn, build solidarity and grow together. Toni Morrison once said, “If you find yourself in positions of trust and power, you must dream before you think.” Let’s dream up a future where all girls can live in dignity and power.

Together, alongside girl activists of all ages, we will step into the future – telling the story about philanthropy’s role in resourcing movements to create a new world for girls and their communities. In 2020, at our next convening, we invite you to step into the future with us.

Register by January 10.