Grantmakers for Girls of Color
Convening Consultant Scope of Work


Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) Background and Context

Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) was born out of an organic and rapidly expanding community of people across philanthropy united by a commitment to connect, learn and organize to move more resources to movements centering and supporting girls of color. Initially launched as an online resource in 2015, G4GC has quickly become a dynamic learning and organizing space for hundreds of funders who are actively supporting or exploring efforts to address the structural inequities facing girls of color.

Launched in response to a call from activists working tirelessly across the country to ensure girls of color are supported and centered across movements, G4GC is grounded in the vision and values of a broad group of funder and non-funder activists working to create a world where all girls – cis-, trans- and gender-nonconforming — are free from violence, supported to reach their fullest potentials, and their movements are celebrated.

Over the last four years, as interest and momentum have continued to deepen, so too has the role of G4GC. Today, we serve our growing community by hosting an annual funder convening; connecting funders to movements through webinars focused on ongoing timely issues facing girls of color; collecting and disseminating the latest research, data, news, and insights to promote collective strategizing and partnership across philanthropy; and leading research to help philanthropy better respond to the needs of girls of color.

Now, as the promise and potential of this unprecedented community continues to grow, G4GC is poised to become an independent entity, guided by dedicated leadership, and positioned to meet the ongoing demands and opportunities of the field.


Vision and Purpose of Grantmakers for Girls of Color

 We are united by our vision of a world in which all girls are healthy, safe, thriving and free. We believe in a future in which every girl has the opportunity step into her own inherent power, pursue her dreams and shape her reality on her own terms.

The barriers that stand in the way of this world disproportionately impact girls of color, including the overlapping impacts of structural racism, patriarchal violence, oppression, and anti-blackness. We work together to dismantle these barriers and create a future where every girl is equipped with the relationships, connections, investments, platforms, information, space, and protections needed to bring her unique gifts, voice, talents and visions fully into fruition.

Guided by this vision, grounded in the voice and unique needs of girls of color, and led by the movements that center them, we are a collective of funders committed to building the individual and collective power of girls of color.

Our purpose is to amplify and resource the transformative organizing work girls of color and girl activists and advocates are leading to dismantle systems of oppression in the U.S. As a funding community that is led by the lived experiences of girl activists and advocates in philanthropy, we hope to accomplish the following outcomes:

Build collective movement and power in the philanthropic sector, centered in and driven by the stated needs, desires, and interests of girls of color themselves and the women of color leaders who support them.

Increase the amount, diversity, quality, and responsiveness of capital directed to girls of color and to the girls of color-led and women of color-led movements and organizations that work in their service.

Through these aligned investments and the organized power of the G4GC network, support the dismantling, reimagining, and rebuilding of systems, institutions, policies, cultures, and practices that often impede or undermine girls of color in their access to opportunity and liberation.


Grantmakers for Girls of Color Convenings

 Thanks to the efforts of passionate, dedicated activists, and advocates, the vibrant movement for girls of color across the world is growing! This moment has called for more philanthropic resources that match the urgency of the movements centering girls of color. From the work to dismantle systemic violence to the efforts to confront sexual violence, we know that girls of color around the world are increasingly vulnerable to these harms, while also holding incredible powerful in the movements to end them. These movements sit at the intersections of racial, gender, and youth justice and they are global. As funders, G4GC strives to organize funders during convenings to create space for ongoing education and community building and to strategize and organize funding around core issues.

Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) has hosted three convenings, providing space for hundreds of funders to be in conversation about critical and courageous issues and opportunities facing girls of color. At each convening funders had the opportunity to learn directly from girls, young women, and their advocates about what is at stake for girls of color and how funders can support the movements they lead. The 2016 convening focused on the particular ways anti-black racism impacts girls and the 2017 convening focused on the multiple forms of violence girls of color experience and the movements that are re-imaging safety. The 2018 convening engaged our colleagues in a conversation about opportunities to strengthen transnational movement building efforts that center lives of girls of color. Each convening is organized by a group of funder activists across a diverse group philanthropic institutions.

In 2017, G4GC, along with our partners Frontline Solutions,  launched a process to develop an infrastructure that will be responsive to the needs of the sector. Even as we continue to finalize the next steps for G4GC (which will be launched as an independent entity in late 2019/early 2020), we know that our annual convenings continue to serve as an invaluable space for funders to be in conversation and deepen their efforts to invest in girls of color. We also recognize that the political climate in the U.S. and across the globe have led to increased fear and abuse in the communities we care most about. At the same time, activists, community leaders, movements and girls themselves are leading innovative, brilliant and courageous efforts across the world. With all of this in mind, our hope is to host another annual convening in 2019. Because we we remain in a transition phase, we are seeking a consultant to help plan the convening with guidance of a planning committee.



A consultant to provide capacity for planning the programmatic aspects of a one or two day convening and working closely with an event planner to coordinate the logistical needs.

To begin this process, we are hoping to identify a consultant (supported by a planning committee) who will:

-Serve as overall project management of the development and execution of the convening along with event planner.
-Facilitate and organize regular calls for a planning committee over the next six months to help plan an agenda, speaker list, and complimentary programs – healing, art, culture.
-Provide an analysis of the issues and movements to prioritize during the convenings through various methods of research (both desk and conversational).
-Identify opportunities to ensure G4GC is a space that integrates culture, art, and healing and coordinate with artists and healers.
-Partner with an events planner to select a venue and help coordinate logistics and ensure they are aligned with the programmatic goals.
-Coordinate visual identity, invitations, event materials and website needs with Ginny Simmons, a G4GC consultant.
-Manage contracts with all vendors, such as artists, healers, and A/V.
-Ensure speakers and participants feel part of the process and are able to input into the goals and program for the day.
-Ensure a thoughtful evaluation with Planning Committee post convening.



-Capture and send notes to planning committee after each call.
-Recommendations on convening themes and priorities through conversations with planning committee and research.
-Drafting invitations and track responses for convening speakers.
-Develop convening program that includes goals, speakers, arts/healing spaces.
-A day-of plan created with event planner.
-Manage speaker prep calls and send briefing memos.
-Create a thoughtful evaluation post-convening.
-Recommendations for next steps from the convening, including sending thank you notes to speakers and ways to engage convening participants.



The convening is scheduled to take place in Fall 2019.



Please submit your application, including a cover letter and resume, to [email protected] by June 28, 2019. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.