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How we listen to girls of Color*…

Pass The Mic Project (PTMP)​​

We want to pass the mic to girls and youth of Color to describe the pandemic’s impacts in their own words and to disrupt the limiting national narrative that continues to erase them from larger conversations about the pandemic. PTMP is a creative filmmaking project to amplify and share the participatory research conducted by girls and femmes of Color from around the U.S. about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their peers and communities.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

With our YAC, we are not just giving resources, we are also ceding power.  Through our youth engagement model, our youth advisors influence our programs and communications, and serve as decision-makers in our grantmaking. G4GC’s youth advisory council welcomes girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth of Color to have a say on where to best allocate resources through our funds.

Future Economy Lab (FEL)

The FEL is co-created between G4GC and SecondMuse Capital, to build financial mechanisms that could ramp up investment in millions of teens and young adults. This year-long fellowship immerses girls, femmes, and gender-expansive youth of Color from across the U.S., ages 13 to 24, to co-creating economic systems to achieve a plan for economic justice. And to answer what it means to be invested in — financially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually — to nurture their dreams, joy and power.