We envision a world where girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth of Color have the safety, freedom, wellness, and resources to thrive, to dream, and to lead.

~Dr. Monique W. Morris
President & CEO of Grantmakers for Girls of Color

At Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC), we are striving to create a philanthropic home that follows the leadership of girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth of Color, and invests in their liberation.

G4GC is a philanthropic organization with a mission to cultivate and mobilize resources in support of girls* of color. Our mission to resource and support transformative organizing work that dismantles systems of oppression in the U.S. and territories is founded on an infrastructure that reflects our values, a culture of partnership, healing, reciprocity, and love.


About our G4GC Initiatives, Funds, & Partnerships

Learn more about our initiatives, partnerships and funds focused on mobilizing funds and bringing attention and resources to organizations that serve and are led by girls*, femmes and women of Color. 

Our focus is on highlighting the necessity of investing in the success of these organizations across our communities, and their success. These initiative aim to award grants and will work with organizations that are led by, and support, girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth of Color. These include:

Love Is Healing fund, which was created to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on girls and gender-expansive youth of Color.

Black Girl Freedom Fund, which was launched in September 2020 with the mission to resource the braintrust, innovation, health, safety, education, artistic visions, research, and joy of Black girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth and their families at the same time as the #1Billion4BlackGirls campaign. Watch sessions from our Black Girl Freedom Week 2022.

New Songs Rising Initiative, is a partnership between the Seventh Generation Fund For Indigenous People’s and Grantmakers for Girls of Color to resources Indigenous girls, and their families and communities, with abundance and intention in the U.S. and territories. This partnership seeks to resource Indigenous girls in the U.S. and occupied territories with abundance and intention. We are thrilled to announce the eight inaugural grantee organizations and projects, and to share our job announcement for a fund Manager to lead the New Songs Rising Initiative.

Holding a Sister Initiative is  a partnership with the Black Trans Fund, incubated at Groundswell Fund, to create this fund dedicated to trans girls who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latina, Asian, Arab, Pacific Islander and other People of Color nationwide, and to holding space for cis and trans girls of color to build intentional solidarity with one another in efforts to advance racial and gender justice.

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*When G4GC discusses “girls of color” we include  any cis, trans, gender-expansive, non-binary and/or any girl- or femme-identified person age 25 and younger who identifies as Black, Indigenous, Latin, Asian, Arab, Pacific Islander, and/or other People of Color