2022 Black Girl Freedom Fund Grantees

G4GC’s Black Girl Freedom Fund (BGFF) is thrilled to announce our second round of grantee partners! Our newest grantee partners across the U.S. and territories were selected with a focus on organizations that nurture the leadership and organizing capacity of Black girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth. They were chosen by six Black girls and gender-expansive youth from BGFF’s Grantmaking Council, ages 14 to 22.

Grantmaking Council members came together to define what leadership means to them, explore the field of philanthropy, learn about G4GC’s practice as a resource mobilizer, co-create our vetting process for funding, and share their wisdom to better serve Black girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth. 

This year we invested over $4 million in our 68 grantee partners, funds that will directly nurture the dreams, power, and leadership of Black girls, femmes and gender-expansive youth.

Learn more about these 68 incredible organizations, and how their work positively impacts our communities and the lives of Black girls, femmes, and gender-expansive youth. Visit the 1Billion4BlackGirls.org page to learn about BGFF and the #1Billion4BlackGirls initiative and learn about how it all started September of 2020.

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Download the BGFF 2021 impact report for highlights from the first year of Black Girl Freedom Fund.

G4GC Black Girl Freedom Fund Grantee Summaries (round 2)

BGFF Grantee partners are listed alphabetically:



Mentoring Atlanta’s Black girls in STEAM careers

We ignite, innovate and inspire.

 —Angels N Tech

Angels N Tech is a mentoring organization established to support Black girls ages 11-18 in exploring the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) as career choices across Atlanta. Through teaching, mentoring, partnering with parents, and fostering interest in STEAM, they offer a variety of year-round programs to assist girls in reaching their fullest potential.

Learn more about Angels N Tech and donate here.

Connect with Angels N Tech at:


Mentorship and wellness for girls of Color

Every scar tells a story!

 —Beauty Marks for Girls

Founded in 2011, Beauty Marks for Girls is a leadership program for girls whose mothers are incarcerated, that offers girls a safe place to grow, build community and receive mentorship in Reidville, SC. Their programs and services include monthly care packages, mental health and wellness, teaching financial stability, college scholarships, and career development.   

Learn more about Beauty Marks for Girls and donate here.

Connect with Beauty Marks for Girls at:

Celebrating and enriching the lives of Black girls

We captivate the joy and magic that makes Black girls special.

 —Black Girl Magic Educational Services

Created in 2017, Black Girl Magic Educational Services, Inc. provides various opportunities to celebrate 4th-8th grade Black, African American, and Multiracial girls in Madison, WI by creating enriching experiences led by Black women. Their programs, which now serve more than 1,000 girls, continue the spirit of their annual Black Girl Magic Conference and include Sister Circles (virtual spaces to discuss racial and social justice and identity), the Mindfulness in the Park summer program, Black Women at Work program, as well as social-emotional development and arts cultural immersion.

Learn more about Black girl Magic Educational Services and donate here.

Connect with Black Girl Magic Educational Services at:

Advocacy and development for Black girls to thrive

Being a Black Girl is not a monolith, so the way we serve them can't be either.

 —Ms. Gabbi, BGB Executive Director

Created in 2018, Black Girl Tribe is dedicated to the betterment of Black girls under the age of 25 by advocating for change, having holistic programming, and increasing access to sustainable resources for girls to thrive and survive. Over three years, they have served more than 1,000 girls through mentoring, conferences, and advocacy efforts, and have created 150 “Village Professionals” through their professional development training.

Learn more about Black Girl Tribe on their site and donate here.

Connect with Black Girl Tribe at:

Creating space for Black girl storytelling through film

We cultivate space for Black girls to learn and embrace their authentic selves.

 —Black Girls Film Camp

Based in Gastonia, NC, Black Girls Film Camp offers a safe space for Black girls in high school to learn, embrace their authentic selves, and tell their stories through film. Through their programs, they create avenues for more Black girls to enter the media industry to positively influence their stories and representation on both sides of the camera.

Learn more about Black Girls Film Camp and donate here.

Connect with Black Girls Film Camp at:

Fortifying Black girl development and wellness through dance

BLOOMing our youth into confident, fortified leaders of tomorrow.

 —BLOOM Dance

BLOOM Dance is a community engagement organization in Harvey, LA, which aims to fortify the mental and social-emotional health, development, and wellness of youth and Black girls through dance education. By providing students with exceptional dance training, yoga, arts & crafts, wellness workshops, and performance opportunities, their programming nurtures confidence and self-awareness.

Learn more about BLOOM Dance on their site.

Connect with BLOOM Dance at:

Mindfulness and entrepreneurship for Black women and girls

We envision a world where Black and Brown girls and women are empowered, self-sufficient, mindful, and supportive of each other.

 —Bmore Empowered

Founded in 2017, Bmore Empowered is a Baltimore, MD, non-profit dedicated to empowering women and girls of Color ages 9-17 through mindfulness and entrepreneurship. Their key programming focuses on workshops, training, and gatherings to support Black and Brown girls in Baltimore City, and centers on four core principles: sisterhood, self-esteem, mindfulness and entrepreneurship. They have served more than 3,000 families and 90 summer camp participants as of April 2022.

Learn more about Bmore Empowered and donate here.

Connect with Bmore Empowered at:

Building capacity and grassroot leadership for women and girls

BGEN centers, uplifts and equips Black women and girls to build dynamic organizations to transform our communities.

 —Nickey Nesbeth, Founder & Executive Director

Boston Girls’ Empowerment Network (BGEN) is a citywide network established in 2013 to increase collaboration opportunities for women and girl-serving organizations in the Boston area, and focuses on advocacy, capacity building, collaboration, and grassroots leadership development. They serve 200-250 youth annually through hands-on training that centers on West African Afro-Femme Leadership (AFL).   

Learn more about BGEN and support here.

Connect with Boston Girls’ Empowerment Network at:

Holistic healing and programming for Black girls in the Central Valley

We believe storytelling is the connective tissue that builds a bridge between our organization, our community, and our culture.

 —Jamillah Finley, Founder & Executive Director

BreakBox Thought Collective fosters a holistic, arts-integrated approach to healing the Fresno, CA community by providing culturally responsive events, economic opportunities, and programs that create lasting impact in the Central Valley through cross-sector collaboration. They offer a variety of youth programs, including The Fresno Black Girl Magic Project (BGMP) – a Rites of Passage internship program for Black females ages 11 to 18 that foregrounds and empowers young voices.   

Learn more about BreakBox Thought Collective and support here.

Healing, justice, and liberation for femmes and folks of Color in NYC

We are dedicated to community healing for femmes and folks of color.

 —Brown Girl Recovery

Founded in 2017, Brown Girl Recovery (BGR) is a Black and queer-led organization that creates grassroots healing spaces for Black and Brown community members ages 18-35 living in the Bronx and northern Manhattan. Through the facilitation of innovative social justice programming and events, they serve marginalized community members through peer-to-peer counseling support, ancestral healing circles, and comprehensive healing and social justice education.

Learn more about Brown Girl Recovery and support here.

Connect with Brown Girl Recovery at:

Developing confident girls of Color leaders in the U.S.

A powerful community of women and girl leaders who live boldly, dream big, and fly high.

 —Butterfly Dreamz

Founded in 2013, Butterfly Dreamz, Inc. helps more than 500 girls of Color develop into leaders who achieve their dreams and fill the roles of leadership in this nation and world. Through its Cocoon Club program, Butterfly Dreamz connects girls from marginalized communities to mentorship, scholarships, and holistic leadership development, equipping girls to be confident leaders who disrupt the status quo. 

Learn more about Butterfly Dreamz and donate here.

Connect with Butterfly Dreamz at:


Inspiring Black girls in Texas to be brave, strong, and creative

Growth is made for the outdoors!

 —Camp Founder Girls

Founded in 1924 as America’s first historically Black summer overnight camp for girls, Camp Founder Girls provides an immersive week-long overnight camp centered on bravery, confidence, creativity, and strength every year for Black girls in 3rd-8th grades in San Antonio, TX. They have served about 140 girls since 2019, and will have 160 campers for 2022.

Learn more about Camp Founder Girls and donate here.

Racial justice advocacy and youth leadership in Puerto Rico

It is not just important to know about how oppression manifests - but also to learn and deepen our knowledge of the beauty and wisdom of Black Afro-descendants, a history Black youth are purposefully disconnected from.

 —Colectivo Ilé

Founded in 2011, Colectivo Ilé is a racial justice organization dedicated to anti-racist community organizing and the development of afro-leadership in Puerto Rico. Serving more than 50 youth annually, they work to create systemic, institutional, and cultural changes that lead to the eradication of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression.

Learn more about Colectivo Ilé on their site.


Youth leadership development to move courageously and with discipline

We remind young people that their stories are their swords and not their crutches, and [that] they have the power to shift the world.

 —Marquetta Atkins, Executive Director

Created in 2015, Destination Innovation aligns boldly-resilient young people in Wichita, KS, with the tools and mindset to move courageously, with purpose and discipline, and to activate underserved communities. They serve more than 200 youth and girls of Color annually through leadership development focused on entrepreneurship, STEM, juvenile justice, and civic engagement. 

Learn more about Destination Innovation and donate here.

Connect with Destination Innovation at:

Healing and liberation for Detroit’s youth

Healing is very much rooted in community, and we are committed to leading the movement toward healing justice for Detroit youth and beyond.

 —Detroit Heals Detroit

Founded in 2018, Detroit Heals Detroit takes a holistic approach to combating trauma by shifting to a healing-centered perspective, reminding young people ages 12-21 that they are not just their trauma, while building consciousness and organizing against social inequities that uphold trauma. Their work builds access to healing, joy, new possibilities, and liberation for more than 350 youth of Color across Detroit.

Learn more about Detroit Heals Detroit and donate here.

Connect with Detroit Heals Detroit at:


Every Black girl needs to know and believe that her legacy and her imprint on the world matters.

Healing is very much rooted in community, and we are committed to leading the movement toward healing justice for Detroit youth and beyond.

 —Maria I, Melendez, Founder and CEO

Based in NY, Embrace Her Legacy Foundation is an organization dedicated to the well-being and development of millennial women and Gen Z girls of Color, helping them overcome internal and external challenges to fulfill a purpose-driven legacy. They have impacted 15,000+ women and girls worldwide in over 35 countries through their various programs, workshops, social media, and podcasts, which focus on transformative leadership and social-emotional development.

Learn more about Embrace Her Legacy Foundation and donate here.

Connect with Embrace Her Legacy Foundation at:

Ensuring safety and protection for Black college students

Reimagine safety with us.

 —Envisioning Safety on our Campuses Now

Created in 2020, Envisioning Safety on our Campuses Now (ESOC) is a project committed to building infrastructure for intercampus student organizing and providing political education rooted in the Black Radical Tradition in Washington, DC and Maryland. Led by student organizers, student affairs professionals, faculty, administrative staff, and community organizers, they create spaces to address safety and protection amongst college students and alternative practices to the school-to-prison pipeline seen in higher education.

Learn more about Envisioning Safety on our Campuses Now

Connect with Envisioning Safety on our Campuses Now at:


Black womxn-led environmental liberation across the Afrikan Diaspora

We are the architects of the environmental liberation ideological framework and movement.

 —Generation Green

Created in 2020, Generation Green is Black youth and womxn-led intergenerational network, community, and platform that fortifies the leadership of young people in the environmental liberation movement throughout the Afrikan Diaspora. Through cultural, grassroots, and digital organizing across countries, their work connects environmental and social justice movements that strive to reimagine a regenerative and abundant world. 

Learn more about Generation Green and support here.


Connect with Generation Green at:

Supporting Black girls to become leaders and successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneuring the future of leadership.

 —Get Girls Going

Based in Boston, MA, Get Girls Going (GGG) is a non-profit organization that encourages and guides Black teen girls to become entrepreneurs as a way to increase the representation of true leadership in business. GGG runs a 6-week intensive summer incubator that supports teen girls as they enter their womanhood with the skills and networks to become leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Get Girls Going and support here.

Connect with Get Girls Going at:

Yoga and meditation retreats supporting the emotional health of Black girls

We create safe spaces for Black girls to strengthen their internal resources for life-long healing that will help them evolve and maintain their highest potential.

 —Girl Stance

Created in 2017 in Chattanooga, TN, Girl Stance, Inc., offers programs and retreats designed for school-aged Black girls in vulnerable communities interested in exploring emotional health, fitness, creativity, meaningful relationships, economic resources, and leadership via yoga and meditation. They serve over 2000+ youth annually, and their 3-day retreat is now offered virtually to girls of Color around the country.

Learn more about Girl Stance and donate here.

Connect with Girl Stance at:

STEM education and tech inclusivity for girls of Color

We want young girls of color to aspire to be great and innovate!

 —Girls Dream Code

Created in 2020, Girls Dream Code focuses on STEM education, youth & community development for minority and low-income girls in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. By providing free tech workshops, events, and resources, they promote opportunities in technology for girls of Color, increase tech inclusivity, and create a safe space for young girls to feel comfortable and excel in all that they do. They have served 135 girls as of April 2022.

Learn more about Girls Dream Code and donate here.

Connect with Girls Dream Code at:

STEM education and tech inclusivity for girls of Color

When girls are given the tools and opportunities to succeed, they change their circumstances and the circumstances of those around them.

 —Girls Inc. of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Created in 2004, Girls Inc. of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area focuses on programming and supports for girls and non gender conforming youth between the ages of 11-15 to lead healthy lives, achieve academic success in school, and gain confidence. Their work increases access and opportunities that equip girls to lead healthy and physically active lives, achieve academically, and advocate for themselves and others.

Learn more about Girls Inc. of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and donate here.

Connect with Girls Inc. of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area at:

Cultivating Black girl magic with digital storytelling

Our work helps Black girls reconnect their power. Connect to herstory. Connect to Culture. Connect to healing Black girl pain to ultimately liberate Black girl minds and cultivate Black girl Magic.

 —Founder and Executive Director, La’Keisha Gray-Sewell

Founded in 2012, Girls Like Me Project supports Black girls ages 11-17 in Chicago to critically examine social, cultural, and political ideologies in storytelling and media so that they will be able to overcome stigmas and negative stereotypes. They equip girls with the tools and strategies to become influential, independent digital storytellers who transform their communities and foster global sisterhood. As of April 2022, they serve 300 girls annually.

Learn more about Girls Like Me Project on their site and donate here.

Connect with Girls Like Me Project at:

Guiding Black and Latinx girls on voyages of self-discovery

There’s something special about being surrounded by young Black and Brown women all striving to be the best version of themselves.

 —Ashley Castillo, Peer Mentor

Founded in 2019, Girls Mentor Girls creates opportunities for Black and Latinx youth in the Bronx and NY metro area who identify as girls to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and self-determination through peer mentorship and community connections—brave spaces where they are supported to build strong supportive relationships, overcome adversity, and become leaders in their community and beyond. They have served nearly 50 youth since its inception.

Learn more about Girls Mentor Girls.

Connect with Girls Mentor Girls at:

Incubating the powerful voices of Black and Latinx girls

Putting Black girls and girls of Color behind the camera and at the center of the story.

 —Global Girl Media

Created in 2010, Global Girl Media Los Angeles (GGMLA) incubates the powerful voice and leadership capacity of BIPOC teenage girls in under-served communities by teaching them digital storytelling and journalism skills, which they then use to create stories that uplift the value and leadership of girls of Color. They have served 350 girls as of April 2022.

Learn more about Global Girl Media

Connect with Global Girl Media at:

Performing arts education for Black girls and women

Courageous talented girls changing our world.

 —Global Girls, Inc.

Established in 2000, Global Girls, Inc. is a youth engagement and performing arts organization empowering African American girls and women primarily on Chicago’s south side. Focusing on arts education and presentation, social/emotional and leadership development, they facilitate school-based and after-school programs, work with youth in partnership with other organizations, conduct parent and professional development workshops, and present participant-driven theater.

Learn more about Global Girls, Inc and support

Connect with Global Girls, Inc. at:


Black-led abolitionist community centering legal empowerment

We are our ancestor's wildest dreams.

 —Harriet’s Wildest Dreams

Based in Washington, D.C., Harriet’s Wildest Dreams is a Black-led abolitionist community defense hub centering on all Black lives at risk for state-sanctioned violence in the Greater Washington area. Their work includes legal empowerment, political and civic education, mass protest, organizing campaigns, and community care that builds alternatives to oppressive systems.

Learn more about Harriet’s Wildest Dreams and support.

Connect with Harriet’s Wildest Dreams at:

Supporting middle and high school girls to be leaders in tech

We empower Black girls and women to thrive as future leaders in 21st century tech-enabled careers.

 —Hope for Youth, Inc

Established in 2017, Hope for Youth, Inc (HYPE) equips middle and high school girls of Color in Georgia to become future leaders in tech. Through interactive coding camps and programs, high school internships, and more, HYPE addresses early disparities in K-12 education that limit opportunities for girls of Color to enter the tech workforce – inspiring them to pursue tech careers and supporting the retention of women of color in tech by increasing representation. 

Learn more about Hope for Youth, Inc and support.

Connect with Hope for Youth, Inc at:


Black girl healing and mentoring across the U.S.

I.M.A.N.E.E. is the intersection of Black girl healing, visibility, and empowerment and we are dedicated to elevating the world’s next group of unapologetic change agents.

 —Lauren R. Jackson, Founder & Executive Director

Founded in 2012, Instilling My Ability to Embrace Excellence, Inc. (I.M.A.N.E.E.) is a national organization that offers a mentoring program, conference, retreats, and the Young Excellence Sisterhood (Y.E.S.) for Black girls and women to discover more about themselves and their opportunities. They have served over 200 girls as of April 2022.

Learn more about I.M.A.N.E.E. and support.

Connect with I.M.A.N.E.E. at:

Ending police violence against Black women, girls, trans and GNC people

Formed in 2016, In Our Names Network is a national network of organizations, campaigns, and individuals working to end police violence and gender-based violence against Black women, girls, trans, and gender-nonconforming people. Through movement and advocacy, they tackle these issues by awareness building and collective community power. 

Learn more about In Our Names Network and support.


Building leadership and celebrating K-12 girls of Color

Providing safe spaces for girls to connect and learn.

 —Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc.

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. offers a custom, holistic curriculum for girls of Color in grades K-12 in Georgia and Alabama that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills, self-reflection, critical thinking, and more. Their gender-responsive culture provides a safe environment that celebrates girls.

Learn more about Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. and support.

Connect with Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. at:

Domestic violence prevention for women, girls, and families

We provide education and services to eliminate domestic violence and its long term effects.

 —Rosalind Rayford, Founding Executive Director

Created in 2015, Lip Gloss For Love educates, raises awareness, and teaches the prevention of domestic violence in Dallas, Texas while empowering women, girls, and families to address it within their families, community, and society. They have served more than 600 people as of April 2022.

Learn more about Lip Gloss For Love and support.

Connect with Lip Gloss For Love at:

Healthy development and sisterhood programs for Black and Brown girls

Centering the experiences of Black and Brown girls.

 —Love Your Magic

Created in 2017, Love Your Magic supports the healthy development of Black and Brown girls in Greater Boston through self-advocacy, self-love, and sisterhood programs and initiatives —including community partnerships, an annual conference, and summer camp. They have served more than 550 girls as of April 2022. 

Learn more about Love Your Magic and support.

Menstrual health equity for Black and Brown girls

To love your menses means to be in tune with your menstrual cycle, to advocate for equitable resources & safe spaces to menstruate, to support other girls and people who menstruate, and most importantly, to flow through life unapologetically.

 —Bria Gadsden and Dr. Ebere Azumah, Co-Founders

Created in 2019, Love Your Menses, Inc. is a Boston, MA organization that promotes menstrual equity and awareness, and build the next generation of leaders by providing an educational, uplifting, and supportive space for Black and Brown girls, women, and all people who menstruate to learn about the menstrual cycle and create innovative public health solutions. They serve 1,000 youth annually as of April 2022, and have expanded to Liberia, Nigeria, The Gambia, Haiti, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Kenya. 

Learn more about Love Your Menses, Inc. and support.

Connect with Love Your Menses, Inc. at:


Youth social entrepreneurship and mentoring for girls of Color in Atlanta

Our vision is to help girls of Color live in a world with unlimited possibilities.


Formed in 2019, Make-It-Click provides hands-on mentoring, prevention, advocacy, and leadership for girls of Color in Atlanta, GA. Their innovative outreach and programs – including ally training, African cultural enrichment, summer camp, and more – center on positive youth development and a holistic approach to guiding each girl to discover and embrace their full potential. 

Learn more about Make-It-Click and support here.

Connect with Make-It-Click at:


Reproductive health and social well-being for Black women and girls

Our vision is to achieve the complete health and well-being of Black women and girls, our families, and our communities.

 —New Voices for Reproductive Justice

Created in 2004, New Voices for Reproductive Justice builds a social change movement in Pennsylvania and Ohio dedicated to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through leadership development, human rights, and reproductive justice. Their social impact goal is for Black girls, femmes, women, and gender-expansive persons to live long, healthy and joyful lives. Since 2014, their SistahSpeak! Youth Project has reached over 700 young Black women, femmes, and girls.

Learn more about New Voices for Reproductive Justice and support them here.

Connect with New Voices for Reproductive Justice at:

Safety for women and girls in Iowa City’s African communities

Together we can end violence against women and girls in our society!

 —Nisaa African Family Services

Founded in 2014, Nisaa African Family Services increases awareness of gender-based violence in African populations in Iowa City, IA, and provides safe, confidential, and effective services to victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Through their services and by supporting victims, they aim for community accountability and social change. They have served 63 women and girls as of April 2022. 

Learn more about Nisaa African Family Services and support here.

Connect with Nisaa African Family Services at:


Ushering a new generation of Gen Z innovators

It doesn’t matter where you ended, have faith to start again.

 —Sydnie Collins

Created in 2020, Perfect Timing Organization is ushering in a new generation of youth influencers, celebrities, innovators, entrepreneurs, and scholars by offering a safe platform for them to bring youth positivity to topics of social justice and personal development. In response to the digital divide spotlighted throughout the pandemic for youth in underserved communities, Based in LaPlata, MD, Perfect Timing Podcast features Gen Z’s who are taking risks, building businesses, and making an impact on the world.

Learn more about the Perfect Timing Podcast.

Connect with Perfect Timing Organization at:

Teaching NYC girls fundamental skills through sports

We keep girls active and provide a safespace to raise self-confidence and foster a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

 —PowerPlay NYC, Inc.

PowerPlay NYC, Inc. focuses on teaching girls ages 8-18 in NYC fundamental skills in a variety of sports so they become confident in their athletic abilities and enjoy playing. By using sports, they start a dialogue that offers the chance for critical and analytical thinking, and opens the door to personal, academic, and career growth for girls at all stages of their development. They have served more than 1,100 girls across 35 program sites and five boroughs as of April 2022. 

Learn more about PowerPlay NYC, Inc. and donate.

Connect with PowerPlay NYC, Inc. at:

Physical, social and emotional development for girls ages 9-18

Our most precious gifts are oftentimes most overlooked.

 —Pretty Purposed

Created in 2015, Pretty Purposed inspires communities to support young women and girls ages 9-18 in Southside and Central Virginia through healthy physical, social and emotional development. They are now shifting to focusing on systems-level change through youth-led advocacy work and coalition development designed to strengthen partnerships. They serve 75-100 women and girls yearly as of April 2022. 

Learn more about Pretty Purposed on their site.

Connect with Pretty Purposed at:

Gender-based violence prevention through healing and leadership

We uplift the experiences of Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth to fully step into their inherent value by unpacking our collective experiences so we are fully present, at service to one another, and ready to do our part to dismantle the systems that we were never meant to survive.

 —Priceless Incite LLC

Created in 2016 and based in Wisconsin, Priceless Incite creates healing environments for youth around the country to process the violence they’ve experienced and creates space for participants to demonstrate their expertise as peer leaders and facilitators. Each participant is encouraged to co-create and facilitate workshop sessions for their peers, adapt the curriculum to their level of expertise, and critique the topics relevant to their lived experiences. Since 2016, they have served an estimated 800 youth.

Learn more about Priceless Incite LLC.

Connect with Priceless Incite LLC at:

Advancing young women of Color in Lynnwood, WA

Girls of Color hold tremendous power to act as agents of change. Investing in them is essential to the future of our community and country.

 —Project Girl Mentoring Program

Created in 2012, Project Girl Mentoring Program fosters the advancement of young women of Color in Lynnwood, WA, through hands-on mentorship, immersion labs, investment and counselinge. They have completed more than 95 mentorship sessions and have reached more than 1,000 mentees as of April 2022. 

Learn more about Project Girl Mentoring Program and support.

Connect with Project Girl Mentoring Program at:

Activating and amplifying youth voices through social action

We reject the notion that historically marginalized youth need rescuing—they deserve the resources, skills, and equitable partnerships to activate and amplify their voices.

 —Vanessa Roberts, Executive Director

Founded in 2006, Project VOYCE develops transformational youth leaders in the Denver-metro and area and surrounding counties in Colorado through holistic development practices, social action and advocacy. They position and believe in youth as equitable partners in their own development and the development of their communities to achieve humanizing systems co-designed with youth to heal and liberate our communities. They serve 100-150 youth per year as of April 2022. 

Learn more about Project VOYCE and support.

Connect with Project VOYCE at:

A haven of healing for young women in Brooklyn and NYC

Restoring Brooklyn one hand at a time.

 —PureLegacee Inc.

Created in 2019, PureLegacee Inc. serves as a haven of healing for young women ages 16-21 in NYC and Brooklyn who have experienced trauma as a direct result of the criminal justice system and aging out of foster care facing homelessness. They offer education and a number of programs dedicated to impact the next generation. They have served 95 women as of April 2022.       

Learn more about PureLegacee Inc. and support.

Connect with PureLegacee Inc. at:


Focused on the liberation and leadership of Black and Brown girls

Establish a foundation that black girls can build on, then give them the platform to stand on.

 —Jacquee Porter Founder, CEO

Created in 2013, SAVE GIRLS ON FYER INC (SGOF) focuses on the liberation of Black and Brown girls ages 11-17 in Waterbury, CT by providing training and development that equips girls with self-empowerment tools, advocacy skills, and leadership traits. They have served 1,000 girls since 2013.

Learn more about SAVE GIRLS ON FYER INC (SGOF) and support.

Connect with Save Girls On Fyer Inc. (SGOF) at:

College financial support for young women of Color in NY

We teach our scholars the power of their money through personal finance courses and socio-economic origins of money in the U.S.

 —Seeds of Fortune

Created in 2014, Seeds of Fortune Inc. is an edtech platform and community in NY that financially empowers young women of Color in high school by helping them find affordable college options, build financial management, and career development skills. As of April 2022, their members have been offered more than $15 million in scholarships and grants.

Learn more about Seeds of Fortune Inc. on their site and support.

Connect with Seeds of Fortune at:

Interpersonal mentorship for Black teen girls in South Carolina

SHE Is Me cultivates a safe space for rural Black girls to learn, grow, and expand by way of service-learning, experiential activity, and community building.

 —Tabitha D. James, Executive Director

Created in 2016, SHE is Me Mentoring serves Black teen girls, femmes, and gender-expansive youth from South Carolina’s rural areas in an interpersonal, open and innovative environment. Since 2016, they have maintained an average membership of 15 youth while concurrently serving over 200 with public programming.

Learn more about SHE is Me Mentoring.

Connect with SHE is Me Mentoring at:

Financial literacy for Black girls across the U.S.

Giving girls the lifelong gift of financial literacy.

 —SheWill, Inc.

SheWill, Inc. is a national nonprofit organizationhat offers various programs to teach and mentor Black girls ages 8-17 about financial literacy and self-empowerment, and lecture-based material, activities, events, and field trips.  With a focus on the Southeast part of the U.S., they serve 100-300 girls annually as of April 2022.

Learn more about SheWill, Inc. and donate.

Connect with SheWill, Inc. at:

Financial literacy and unconditional sisterhood for Black girls across the U.S.

Our program plans to encourage unconditional sisterhood, growth, and self-reliance.

 —Sista2Sista Program

Sista2Sista Program provides a safe space for young Black women/femmes at Pomona High School in Claremont, CA. By encouraging them to be themselves, they are a positive influence to students, while fostering a sense of community that will translate into greater academic success, emotional well-being and community engagement. 

Learn more about Sista2Sista Program here.

Connect with Sista2Sista Program at:

Supporting Black womens’ sobriety in the U.S. and beyond

SBGC values community, truth telling, inclusivity, creativity, and social justice. By gathering we know that we are not alone.

 —Sober Black Girls Club Inc.

Created in 2018, Sober Black Girls Club Inc. provides resources and support in the U.S., South Africa, and London to Black girls, women, and nonbinary people living or considering beautiful sober lives. They honor each member and understand that no two journeys along the same paths are exactly alike, and have served 400-500 girls since 2018.

Learn more about Sober Black Girls Club Inc.

Connect with Sober Black Girls Club Inc. at:

Developing the next generation of globally conscious girls!

We’re developing world leaders and cultivating the next generation of globally conscious girls. Show her the world, she'll change the world.

 —Founder Rashell Paling

Created in 2018, Statement Junky offers Black and Latina girls and young women in NYC and Westchester County with mentorship, youth development programming, and authentic opportunities to develop leadership skills at every stage of adolescence. The organization also gifts every girl and young woman with an essential key to access the world – her first passport. They have served a total of 72 girls as of April 2022. 

Learn more about Statement Junky here.


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Innovative STEM education for BIPOC girls across the U.S.

Challenges gender, racial, and class bias in STEM fields and culture by developing gender-responsive and culturally-relevant STEM curricula that helps girls* see their unique STEM lineage, community, interests and path to success.

 —Techbridge Girls

Created in 2020, Techbridge Girls (TBG) is a national organization that re-engineers the way BIPOC girls and gender-expansive youth from marginalized communities experience STEM. By catalyzing STEM educators and professionals, TBG provides equitable access through training and curricula that promote inclusive tech. As of April 2022, they serve up to 25,000 girls annually.

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Equitable writing opportunities for youth and girls of Color in Dallas

They are the voice. We are the microphone.


Founded in 2018, #TeenWritersProject is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization committed to making writing accessible, engaging,  and fun for high school teen girls and youth of Color, especially those in vulnerable populations. Their programs and workshops provide various equitable writing and publishing opportunities, as well as training to get youth writers hired in the writing industry and beyond. 

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A safe space and leadership for young women of Color in New Orleans

Creating a world filled with confident, empowered women with new perspectives and opportunities who positively impact our community.

 —The Beautiful Foundation

Founded in 2015, The Beautiful Foundation provides a safe environment for the leadership development in underserved young women of Color in New Orleans, LA, through a curriculum that focuses on life skills, financial literacy, self-esteem, entrepreneurship, cyber-bullying, friendships and relationship skills.They have served nearly 350 girls through school and community-based programs as of April 2022.

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Elevating BIPOC youth through artistic expression

Our goal is to help BIPOC youth realize the magic within them and inspire them to use radical imagination to foster new realities.

 —The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative Project

Created in 2020, The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative Project supports, educates and elevates BIPOC youth in Boston, New York City, and Atlanta to create an equitable starting point. Through artistic expression and engagement as well as bespoke programs and events, They serve as a connection point and source for underserved BIPOC communities to access the critical education and resources needed to thrive. They work with 300 youth and their families annually.

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A safe mental health space for Black girls in Los Angeles

Being a Black woman is not a monolith, and we firmly believe that it takes a collective effort to change the future of Black girls, and gender-expansive youth.

 —The Collective Identity Mentoring

The Collective Identity Mentoring is a grassroots, Los Angeles-based non-profit founded by Black women for Black women, girls, and gender-expansive youth. They offer unique programs intended to provide Black girls and young women ages 13-25 with a psychosocial safe space. 

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Supporting girls and women to pursue nontraditional careers in NYC

We want women and girls to come forward and shatter the stereotypes against them and show the world what they are truly capable of doing.

 —Tools & Tiaras Inc.

Based in NYC, Tools & Tiaras Inc. is committed to advancing the interest of young women and girls who want to pursue non-traditional careers. By motivating young girls and women who dream of having a career in the male-dominated construction industry, they offer programs and mentoring so they can expand their horizons and set them on a path to the peak of their careers. 

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Supporting Trans women of Color with educational and legal services

Working together as a community to empower Trans people of Color by meeting needs and increasing accessibility.

 —Transgender Advocates Knowledgable Empowering

Based in Birmingham, AL, Transgender Advocates Knowledgable Empowering (TAKE) offers education, assistance, legal services and more for the Trans community across the city.  They advocate for issues directly affecting Trans women of Color in the community, including workplace discrimination, lack of housing, support for sex workers, and providing trans-friendly services. 

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Elevating powerful youth voices in NYC through spoken word and the arts

We have seen poetry and spoken word change young people’s lives and the world around them. We know that young people engaging in spoken word wakes up entire communities.

 —Urban Word

Created in 1999, Urban Word uses the transformative power of the written and spoken word to offer young people in NYC opportunities to cultivate their voices, narrate their stories, and build pathways towards empowered and just futures. Their decades of work have elevated youth voices in NYC, and nationally, as leaders at the intersection of the literary arts, social justice, and civic engagement. They have served 150,000 youth since 1999.

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Teaching girls in Hampton Roads, VA to be their most authentic selves

We develop and empower holistically healthy girls and women to confidently become thought leaders, community builders, and world-changers.

 —Walk In It, Inc.

Created in 2007, Walk In it Inc. is a Hampton Roads, VA organization that supports girls and young women academically, emotionally, socially, and physically. They have served 15,000 girls since their inception through workshops, conferences, and mentoring that teaches girls to be their most authentic selves.

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Focused on creating safe-brave spaces for the voices of Black girls

Creating and supporting spaces where Black girls can be safe and live unapologetically!

 —we REIGN Inc.

Created in 2016, we REIGN Inc creates safe-brave spaces where Black girls in Philadelphia, PA, are visible, so that their strengths, needs, voices, and stories are centered. They encourage girls to live unapologetically, and help them develop the skills as advocates, organizers, and change agents in their lives and communities. They have served more than 500 girls since December 2016.

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Healing and enrichment for the voices of Black and Latina girls

We are committed to creating healing modalities for Black and Latina women and girls.

 —Who’s Got Morale Program

Founded in 2015, Who’s Got Morale Program (WGM) is committed to creating healing modalities for Black and Latino community members in Boston, MA. WGM gathers the most challenged girls of Color at each school and engages them through an effective school-based intervention and enrichment model that takes their identity and culture into account. They serve 150-200 girls annually as of April 2022. 

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Restoring community for at-risk youth and the elderly

We rebuild, restore, mentor, and develop community resources to improve the lives of our citizens living in poverty with emphasis on at-risk youth and the elderly.

 —Where We Thrive, Inc.

Created in 2019, Where We Thrive, Inc. supports at-risk youth of Color in the Lockhart, TX community by facilitating direct mentorship programs, providing access to technology, and supporting career and higher education goals. They also support community elders through meal and wellness programs, as well as assistance with minor home repairs and maintenance.

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Black feminist-centered human rights advocacy for girls

We creates intergenerational empowering spaces for Black women, femmes, and girls to learn how to advocate and lead on the issues that are closest to our hearts with the tools and collective support to win!

 —Women Engaged

Founded in 2014 and anchored in a Black feminist framework, Women Engaged centers the human rights of Black women, girls, and femmes in Atlanta, GA by offering leadership development opportunities, and public policy advocacy. Since 2014, they have served over 30,000 young adults through voter activation, registration, leadership development opportunities, internships, and part-time employment through the ‘WE Vote. WE Rise!’ program.

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College, career and life prep for girls of Color

We envision a world in which all girls and young women, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured to reach their fullest potential.

 —Women of the Dream

Women of the Dream provides program services through a school-based model to girls of Color ages 12-18 in underserved communities in Camden, NJ, and prepares them for personal, career, and economic success. Their programs focus on college and career prep, financial literacy, and other life-skills. 

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Affirming the power of writing for Black girls

Our fellows learn that there are many ways to navigate through life as an unapologetic Black girl.

 —Writers Well Youth Fellowship

Based in Spartanburg, SC, Writers Well Youth Fellowship is a year-long fellowship for Black girls, femmes, and gender-expansive youth ages 14-19. They teach and affirm the power of their voices and individuality through interactive retreats, writing, and performance classes, and by providing a fruitful space for healing, art and leadership.

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Therapeutic writing for healing and creating

Own your voice, own your world.

 —Writing For Freedom

Created in 2021, Writing For Freedom provides girls and young women of Color around the U.S. with therapeutic writing tools and a platform to heal, create, and share gender- and ethnic-specific narratives. Their vision is to increase the number of female authors of Color to reclaim, write, and share their own cultural narratives to heal their communities.

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Social justice education for Boston’s middle school girls

We are dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

 —YW Boston

Founded in 1866, YW Boston helps individuals and organizations in Boston, MA change policies, practices, attitudes, and behaviors for more inclusive environments for women of Color. Their “F.Y.R.E. Initiative” supports middle school girls through a curriculum incorporating social justice education, positive identity development, and civic engagement.

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